NBB: your partner for power-ful networks

About us

As one of Germany’s largest local distribution network operators, we ensure safe, flawless operation of the gas supply in Berlin and large parts of Brandenburg, all the way to Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. In addition to simple supply, this also includes maintenance and the expansion of pipeline network infrastructure as well as securing and implementing network access and transmission for a whole host of gas distribution companies.

Soon after our company was founded in 2006, we established ourselves as an operator of a powerful, profitable and safe network. Today we’re responsible for both technical and business network operation in more than 160 cities and municipalities in Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. As a large-scale network company, we serve national public utilities, network operators and energy distribution companies with our comprehensive advice and service portfolio.

What sets us apart: we’re a young company with tradition and the power of innovation. Our core area of expertise is based on the many years of experience of our highly qualified employees and the ability to respond to new requirements with flexibility, dynamism and winning concepts.

Executive Directors Maik Wortmeier (Chairman) and Claudia Rathfux



NBB in figures

The following breakdown should provide you with an impression of the technology we operate. NBB is expanding its team to ensure safe network operation and increase availability, so we can assist you whatever your needs. After all, we want you to feel safe.

Company figures, as of 31.12.2020

Transport volume GWh 43.575
Pipeline network length km 14.115,7
Of which, high-pressure km 2.970,5
Of which, supply network km 11.145,2
Property connections pcs 351.946
Gas meters installed (incl. PTZ/TC) pcs 774.039
Employees Sources 739

Our promise

What we guarantee you as an NBB customer and partner:

  • Supply security – efficient and high-quality operations management
  • Fair competition – simple provider replacement for energy distribution companies and thus creation of fair competition conditions
  • Regional approach – supporting local medium-sized companies by including them in the contracting process for network operations management
  • Fair partnership – collaboration based on municipal partnerships and adoption of concession agreements

Certified processes guarantee safety and quality

We introduced a quality management system based on the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard when our company was founded.

To meet increased environmental protection requirements, we expanded the existing management system in August 2012, adding an environmental management system based on the DIN EN ISO 14001 requirements. A certification audit in 2015 confirmed that NBB processes fulfil the requirements of both the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards and the technical standards of the DVGW regulations. NBB also successfully completed a technical safety management test based on the G1000 standard.

DVGW: ISO 9001 certification

Quality management also aims to optimise the company’s system of processes and procedures and thus increase efficiency and ensure reproducible product and service quality over the long term. DIN EN ISO 9001 certification verifies company expertise and performance regardless of the industry.

The benefits include:

  • Optimised organisation structures and work procedures
  • An improved flow of information and clear areas of responsibility
  • Greater transparency in how different activities are connected within the company
  • Fewer mistakes and risks
  • Increased awareness of customer requirements
  • Higher work satisfaction for improved employee performance
  • More efficient approaches and continuous improvement of processes to minimise costs
  • Clear interfaces to suppliers, customers and partners

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